Friday, September 23, 2011

The Mask

Out on a walk I spied with my little eyes, two things

1. This mask lying on a cement barrier block.

2. A man, standing outside his broken down station wagon full of kids. As I crossed the strip mall parking lot I saw his jumper cables at the ready and I heard him saying, "It won't be long. We'll be home soon." The kids were climbing from the back seats to the front and looked to be having quite the time... I remembered when I used to be so care free. Now I'm that man worrying how he will get home.

A car approached, it slowed, swerved around me and then sped off. The stranded man and I made eye contact. He asked, "How long do you think I'll be here." I replied, "A long time." I then took one more step, stopped, turned and said, "I'll get my car."

He asked, "Where is it?" Remember I'm walking. I point and say, "Back there," for I'm not 2/10 of a mile from my house. But you can't see it with the stores and parking lots.

As I walk back all sorts of scenarios fill my mind. I tell myself I'm stupid, crazy, nuts, for offering to help someone, a stranger. What if he takes my car, my purse, me? Still I promised to help. Entering the house, to grab my keys, I mention that I'm home to bring the Rig over to give some guy a jump. I get the look, and hear, "OK."

I've been gone from the scene of the breakdown five minutes, maybe, and as I drive back into the lot, there is another car just finishing jumping the man's car. They wave to each other and then the man waves to me. I pull up and we both smile.

He thanks me for returning and said it took five cars driving by before someone stopped.

It truly is amazing what you see and who you will find, (Christ in the distress of others*) when you go out for a walk.

*Thank you Mother Teresa


jeff noel said...

Do what we can, when we can, and take solace in that.

Tammy H. said...

You did more than a lot of people would, you made the effort and sometimes, that in and of itself, is the deed.