Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Cheese Stands Alone

Making cheese is another art that I've been thinking about trying. To the point where we have scheduled an afternoon for the troop to come over and make pizza from scratch. Well, in order to teach them about making cheese, I'd better be familiar with the process myself.

So, Monday I ran my first experiment and had limited success. At first the curds didn't hold together well. I emailed the source and with insight into the power of rennet, was urged to try try again. Which I did today: Cheese making attempt two. And it went much better. No whey and curds flying in 360 spray, covering every flat and vertical kitchen surface. No curdy sludge squeezing through the openings in the colander. Being who I am I took pictures at every step...

The curds and the whey separating nicely.

The straining of the curds from the whey. I found this colander? or is it a jelly strainer at the parish yard sale. What a find.

After microwaving for 30 seconds more whey is released from the curds and the curds are becoming more pliable. Repeat microwaving and kneading cheese a few times.


Beautiful Cheese... an ounce short of a pound from a gallon of whole milk.
Bring on the Scouts, I think we are ready.

Fear not, Monday's attempt didn't go to waste. I incorporated it into a ricotta spinach pie and the girls say it is a keeper. I love making things.


MamaDee said...

you are the coolest... did you know?! Am I too old to join girl scouts? :)

Amara said...

I love making cheese! I make this creamy lemony kind, more like a spread, but the kneading and microwaving sounds like it could be fun. And your cheese looks so shiny and together. I'll have to try some more recipes.