Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Day

Today is his day; our day; our nation's day. Still I am quietly reserved. Today, I won't be dancing in the streets, like I imagine at the start of every school year. Today I might watch, I might listen, but I will read at my own slow pace his address to the country. Marking his words. Highlighting the promises.

As a nation we must be careful not to raise Mr. Obama too high on that Presidential pedestal. For I would hate to see him get hurt and our hopes dashed when the wheels of government hold this juggernaut of a nation on the old boy steady as she goes course. But, maybe he is the one who can save us. Time will tell; a month, when all our trooops are home. Six monthes when the financial markets show signs of turning around and unemployment continues its steady decline. A year, when the homeless are few and homes are filled with families. Many who now live in their cars or in shelters. Longer... when local governments receive enough federal assistance to cover the federally mandated programs that drain local finances.

In a year, at the State of the Union Address -- just show me signs of positive change, and I'll be dancing. For now, I'll be a wall flower waiting for the current tune to change.

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