Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's All Greek To Me

Before Christmas, while cruising the local liquor store for beverage suitable to share with beer loving family, I happened upon a bottle of Retsina. Playfully I pointed it out to the man, who loves Greek food. Truly who doesn't? He picked it up and suggested we have Greek one night. Well, tonight was that night. The cookbook is upstairs. I can't recall the real names of these dishes but I spent all day making pureed eggplant with garlic, pita breads, tomato olive feta and onion salad and a casserole composed of eggplant and lamb -- covered and baked with a cheese sauce. All day in the kitchen -- every inch of the table and counter, every pan and almost every dish is dirty.

As the pitas were baking the man said, "I didn't think it was going to be this involved."

In the end, he loved the food. And the girls at least tried it. We'll be having leftover Greek tomorrow and the next day, and so on....

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