Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it love or is it something else?

This is our Pleco kissing, cleaning, or trying to ingest his aquarium mate. Is he sending us a message? More food or this will be you? Or is it... if we feed him more food, this will be us. The little darling has put on well over an inch and a half in length since we got him a year ago. His glass walls are sucked clean daily, and despite reading on the web that these lovelies don't eat their swimming and breathing tank mates, since his arrival, I have had a very difficult time keeping other playmates alive for any length of time when they are given no choice but to share his living space.

Our pleco...


Tammy H. said...

We had a pleco when we lived in NJ. The thing was huge! He grew and grew and grew. We often found him sucking on objects in the aquarium and come to think of it --- the tiny fish seemed to slowly disappear and maybe they weren't sucked up by the filter as we thought.

Tammy H.
Happenings on the HIll

PtCakes said...

My husband suggested we get a 30 gallon long tank so his tail doesn't get bent when he is on the short end of the tank...

I told him Pleco will learn to live with a kink in his 20 long domain.

Still I wouldn't be surprised if one day he, meaning the husband, walked in with a new tank.