Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's the Oddest Thing

It's the oddest thing to be surfing around the web and find yourself being mentioned or quoted on someone else's blog. Someone that you don't know. Someone you've never met, even for the briefest of time. But somehow something you've typed or posted made an impression and voila the internet makes that connection.

That happened to me. Last night while cruising I found myself reading myself, and quoted as being myself at Two Blocks to Tango. And of course I do it here. I am forever linking to the Bosky Dell Farm where Mary has taught me so much. Most recently she has lit the fire for me to make cheese. And we will. The supplies are ordered and the Girls Scout troop invited over to make pizza--completely from scratch. Some girls will make cheese. Some will make sauce. Some will make the dough. At least that is the plan for now. I am very excited about this. (If we fail... which I doubt we will, no worries, we live right next door to two pizza places.)

I have linked into Charity at All Things Hold Together. The girls and I followed her soap directions and made Christmas soaps for family and friends. (Charity's were much prettier, but we had fun and the soaps were well received.) I have even sent friends to both these sites to read entries about all sorts of topics from parenting young boys to maple sugaring.

A new blog listing on my right hand side bar is Happenings on the Hill. I hooked up with this blog via a comment left at the Bosky Dell Farm. Most of the blogs I follow are written by moms, but I can't ignore the fact I read Cardinal Sean's blog, (I want the job as his photographer.) and those of local photographers BazPhotogirl, (who is also a Mom) and ALB, who generally makes me laugh. Then there is MyBackYard. I love reading about her extended squirrelly family. BTW: MBY I put birdseed in our birdbath so our gray furry guests can gorge themselves.

There are other blogs listed to the right ----->. I splash down in each of them just about weekly. Catching up with old friends. Finding out what's going on locally. All good. All fun.

A recent news report stated that iPods, XBoxs, Facebook, myspace, (you get the drift here), has reduced our social interacts to key strokes. And maybe so, for there are somedays I do wish for face to face chatting over a long cup of coffee. And on those days, FB will have to do. But I've watched how FB has taken some fairly shy teens and hooked them into a larger safe and supportive (parentally supervised) social networks. So, as with all things in life, there is good and bad. Last night I learned of some good, and made a new blog acquaintance out in Oregon who, like me enjoys writing, gardening cooking and photography, reported this morning she has a new puppy. I am delighted for her.

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MamaDee said...

That's pretty cool about the quote - it is a nice quote... makes me long for gardening again. Hopefully little miss em will be up for it this year... i think she'll love it.