Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Six times over the past two weeks someone from EBSCO TELESERVIC (caller id truncates) has called this house. Twice I have answered to deny their request to speak with my husband. "Sorry you can't speak with him."

Truly if he doesn't know you, he won't speak to you. Especially when we "let the machine answer" and the caller doesn't leave a message. And you can tell it is a computer dialing from the wait time before someone actually starts talking on the other end. I hate computer generated calls almost as much as a dislike those recorded calls from politicians.

At first I was ticked off. For it is every night around 6 PM, last night it was 6:03, they call. But now, I am interested to see just how many times they will call. Our caller id counter goes up to 99...

This should be interesting.

I did look them up on the web, and they are a real telemarketing service offering everything from newsletters, brand awareness studies, bill collection, market awareness studies, etc... So, if their business with us were real you would think they would leave a message. Regardless, without leaving a message their issue will not get addressed.

BTW: We are on the DO NOT CALL list. As are these people who filed this complaint.

Postscript: They called again tonight at 6:36 PM. Here is what other people are saying about EBSCO. I'm not alone.


Kris said...

EBSCO also handles bulk magazine subscriptions.

P.H. said...

Maybe EBSCO got the message:

Anonymous said...

Way to funny...

Love Bro.