Thursday, September 16, 2010

I feel like I have roped a calf.

You know how the rodeo cowboys rope the calf then stand up giving the all set sign? That's me, and camping prep. DONE! Oh wait, I have to pack the dish soap, but other than that and putting the fire wood in a plastic bin -- DONE!

Yesterday the middle one was asking, "What are you doing Friday in the morning, after your doctor's appt?" My answer, "Packing the car for camping?" Her advice followed. Why don't you get the camping stuff ready then? Why is everything ready now?

My answer, "Because if I am missing something I would like to know about it now rather than 15 minutes before we have to leave." Granted, I am sure we will be missing something, but the big ticket items, like the pot to cook dinner in... I know it is out and ready to be packed. And the camp stove and fuel... found in the garage, tested (Perfect working order.) and out to be packed. Not forgetting the fuel funnel.

DONE. Now the anticipation of the fun can begin.

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