Sunday, September 26, 2010

Take a Chance. Take a Chance. Take a Chance on Me.

While in the shower this morning, I was thinking about this post and about the new raffle our church Youth Ministry is holding. Multiple New England Patriots prizes with first being two tickets to watch the game (from great seats) on Halloween. Imagine dressing up in costume and going trick or treating at the game! Sounds like fun to me...

Running a YM program takes money. Even more money when the goal is to send a contingent to Madrid for World Youth Day in August 2011. Crazy amounts of money, but we get out there pushing and peddling our next greatest and best raffle or craze.

Here is the scoop:
One ticket for $5; three for $10.
The drawing is October 24th. First prize is the tickets mentioned above. Second is a Patriots Monopoly game; third a Patriots fleece blanket. And 4th a Patriots baseball hat.

The title of this entry, Take a Chance on Me, is oh so right on. As I am going to WYD 2011, and not as a chaperon. I'm going as a normal run of the mill participant who kind of glossed over the word YOUTH. Silly woman; but so looking forward to the experience.

And why? A person has to step back and take the time to become renewed in their passion, their faith. For it they don't, they run the risk of burn out. I just happen to be taking the HUGE step; to Madrid.

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