Monday, September 20, 2010

There and Back Again

Cooking outside, lighting a match for the first time, (same goes for a fire and camp stove), heating water for dishes, sleeping in tents without a pillow, sitting by the fire, listening to ghost stories and young voices singing right up until quiet hours. Midnight runs to the latrine, texting at 3:30 AM for a drink of water, flashlights flickering before dawn, sharpening a knife, whittling a stick, seeing your breath at night, going for a walk, painting tshirts, playing Marco Polo in a dark tent, and hide and seek.

And at home, laundry, sorting equipment, laundry, SAT prep, airing out sleeping bags, and laundry.

Now the prep for the parish picnic needs to be kicked into high gear. All the supplies need to be gathered, activities need to be checked, caterer talked to "Are we all set?", table set up finalized, the foodlist made and bought.

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Tammy H. said...

Good luck, it seems in there you need to find a few minutes for you.