Tuesday, June 05, 2012

And your gift is... ?

In a recent post, jeff noel, writes that we all have a gift. Something special about ourselves. Something we carry that makes us shine. I read his post and I had to smile, because I have been contemplating pretty much that exact topic under the title: I see old people. (Now say that with the same inflection as the little boy in the movie Sixth Sense.) :-)

Yes, I see older people. And not only that, I can be minding my own business anywhere, in crowd or alone walking on the street, and an older person will find me and we will have the most wonderful conversation. For example at the dented can store where the gentleman and I discussed our appreciation of sauerkraut.

My husband, after circling for 10 minutes, asked later if that man was from church, or another school volunteer. No was my reply. Older people just find me.

So maybe my gift is I'm an elder magnet... The real point is, I do see older people. I see them for the worth of their life experiences. I treasure them, hanging on their each and every word. Each and every fact and story that they have to share and teach me.

Think about it... and next time you find yourself with an older person ask them about their childhood. If you are totally lucky and gifted you may find yourself, like me - gifted,  on the receiving end of a wonderful his or her story lesson.


jeff noel said...

Elder magnet. What a gift. What a resource. What a blessing to the world.

Patty Hebert said...

I love my gift. :-)

Tammy Heffernan said...

You will learn so much. So lucky.