Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What will it be? Freezing or Electric currents?

I doubt pandas worry about their weight.

 At the dermatologist's office there are displays touting the benefit of freezing your fat to lose that pesky weight and inches. The display comes complete with pictures of many many smiling satisfied customers. No price listed.

On a recent tour of a spa I was told I could lose one to eight inches, in one treatment, by slathering unwanted bumps and bulges with this gel and then hooking up to an electric current. The charged particles would attack the cellulite and voila, a skinny me. Guaranteed. Only $150 for one treatment; $300 for three. One half hour session is equivalent doing 400 crunches.

So what will it be freezing or electrocution?

Honestly -- despite my lack of progress in the weight department, I do prefer the old fashion way of exercise. There is something almost satisfying about walking until your leg muscles hurt.

This morning's exercise: Me thinks it will be 15 miles, outside, on my bike. No wires required.


jeff noel said...

Patty, most people forget the side-benefits of moving and yes, sweating. It does a body good. An object at rest tend to stay at rest. And collect moss...
Enjoy your ride.

Patty Hebert said...

Thank you, it was. 15.44 miles.

Tammy Heffernan said...

Happy biking to you!