Saturday, June 16, 2012

Structure and Form

I'm off from work. Actually, because of appointments, road trips and commitments, I've been off since the 8th and I'm off until the 20th of this month. The schedulers figured it would be easier on my clients to have solid caregiver continuity instead of one person one day and another for two days, and so on... But I digress...

I woke up this morning with tasks to complete: pack, go to the bank, go to the store, exercise. On a normal work day, with my schedule firmly in place I would have a plan of attack. A schedule laid out before me based upon clients, travel, school: the three biggies.

But this morning, I had nothing. No work, no framework, nothing to work around or to base my day upon. I was at a loss and didn't go for my early morning bike ride at 6, because I could go after the school drop off. And then I didn't make the shopping list and put it in my work bag, because I wasn't going to work and besides I would have time later.

See the problem? I had to sit down and formulate a plan that would have naturally fallen into place due to the circumstances of the day.

All structure and no play makes Patty a dull mommy; but no structure leaves her head swimming.

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jeff noel said...

Reminds me of the whole notion of balance.