Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ever want to walk until you tire?

Driving home from DC the other day, I was desperate to go for a walk. I wanted to drive into the driveway, and then walk until I couldn't walk anymore. Strange and pretty much unattainable. As there were people waiting for us at home. You can't come home after being away for 4 days and then go for a walk; first thing.

But today I walked. I walked the baby to school. She's not so young anymore. I walked to a friend's home to pop in to say hello. People don't pop in like they used to. Then I walked to the library to pick up the latest book club selection. Then, my legs tired, I walked home.

I could have taken my bike. I could have ventured back into the car and drove. But I wanted to walk. I wanted to feel each an every step. To touch the ground of my own hometown.


jeff noel said...

The basics. Fresh air, a place to go, and people to see.

Patty Hebert said...

Out walking last night I ran into a friend who had just got home from a long trip. He needed to go for a walk as well. Must be a common requirement after travel.