Sunday, October 17, 2010

What I loved about today

The Boy and Girl Scouts all had a great time at the parish picnic. And what were they doing? Playing? Running about? Eating more Mississippi Mudslides than God ever intended? Not really -- they worked: painting faces, applying tattoos, leading scavenger hunts, toasting marshmallows, teaching knot tying, and watching over the bouncey house. Ten, eleven and twelve year olds working for the greater community of over 200 participants and having fun. One scout even asked if they could paint faces at the upcoming parish pumpkin fair. The answer came back, "Yes." And a cheer went up over the troop.

I love the fact that they have fun being in a position of service.

Of course, there were young adults and older adults there too -- coordinating, running games, watching over the Silent Auction, selling raffle tickets, setting up, and then cleaning up. And of course, I delight in their sense of community and love being part of this community with them.

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