Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who Am I?

This question has been rattling around my head for several reasons. One being I've been jotting stuff on this blog now for over 5 years; October 14th was the anniversary of my first post. Five years, 1,536 posts, most with pictures, that give insight into me and my small world. For it is a small world, after all.

That's a long time to be jotting stuff down. And jotting what? The day to day of a mother and housewife, with passions in the arts and community service; a crazy woman. Sometimes -- a very stupid woman. Words that show most days I am on top of the game, and paragraphs that expound upon why I am not. Life in electronic black and white.

But who am I? Towards writing this entry I searched this blog's content table with that exact question, "Who Am I?" And I was handed back a list:

Mom tops the list with entries seeking parenting tips. To this day, I can still use the help: insightful comments always welcome.

Wife is up there too. I know now that love is a decision and a promise. (Period) I am a very lucky woman.

Writer, I finished my book for the first time, that first crappy write through in October 2005. (And blogged about it.) Then 4 more years of rewriting before I published it. All reported on here, in this blog, in endless detail... you lucky readers.

Artist, I love to create anything and everything. I see beauty in each day, even the rainy ones.

Musician, yes the banjo is an instrument. And yes, I have paid someone to actually teach me how to play. Arthur is a god among musicians, with the patience of Job. I love the banjo. And I love my banjo. If my family loved it as much as I do, I would take it everywhere I go; even to the grocery store. I leave it home to not embarrass them.

Seeker of truth, yup that one had gotten me into trouble many a time. Ideals smashed, bonds broken. Life's lessons learned and relearned. Proving once again 50 year old dogs can learn new tricks, eventually. My little girl heart gets in the way; stupid woman to care so much. Will I ever grown up? I'm 50 after all, (darn close), I should start acting my age and not my shoe size.

Though, on a more carefree note, yesterday a dear friend and I were discussing all of the world's problems. She eluded to hearing some upsetting news on the radio during her daily taxiing children commute. My reply, "Oh, I don't listen to that. When I'm in the car I listen to the Guru's chanting CD." My dear friend thinks I might be on to something.

I am a Friend, who has done exactly what I tell my children never to do. For I reached out, or reached back, to electronic entities and formed friendships, twice. People who have similar ideas and interests -- we somehow found each other blog by blog. And my life is better for it. Thank you for taking that chance on me. Truly I live for those days when our physical paths cross and we share a cup of coffee, for real.

Scientist, for you can take the researcher out of the lab, but you can't take the lab out of the researcher. Experimentation is always cool; especially when it involves food, or beer, or hard cider. Or Mead... that last batch of honey wine is to die for. Unfortunately, or fortunately we have so much liquid refreshment from my experimentation, that we could never finish it on our own. Still the need to brew or ferment is strong. I've been thinking about making some hard cider from scratch... will blog about it I'm sure.

According to my friend, Burr Morse, I am a misplaced Vermont Maple Sugarmaker. I'll take that as a complement. Be still my heart the 2011 season is right around the corner.

Insomniac, God if I ever sleep through the night... it will be a miracle. Look at the bright side, I was seeking quiet mommy time about 12 years ago, and I have had it ever since in spades. So, my advice would be to be careful what you wish for.

A do-er, that's me, a professional volunteer. But, today I start a new job; a favor to a friend who needs some data entry done. God knows I can type. So off me and my fingers will go, for the cause -- Mother's hours, of course, for that's who I am.


Anonymous said...

mmm - you forgot you are also a wonderful daughter that we love so much.

P.H. said...

Thanks Mom. :-)

Tammy H. said...

Patty, a great entry - we sometimes forget that we truly do hold many roles and each of them is important.
Congratulations on the anniversary and many, many more. I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing the mirror of so many aspects of my own life. So glad we're friends.

P.H. said...

Thanks Tammy. Looking forward to our next cup of coffee.

Tammy H. said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

You are also an amazing goddaughter and niece ... a very special gift to us ... whom we also love so very much.