Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

Did you ever have one of those days that on paper look like hell twisted up tornado style? Well, that was my today. This morning I woke up with a headache after dreaming about failing at the day's to do list. I was a failure even before my feet had a chance to cool against the floor. But there was no turning back -- the day had to march on.

Eight AM Mass followed by a World Youth Day parish presentation. It went great. My alter server did a fine job. Followed by the youth doing a wonderful job explaining their experiences and thanking parishioners. Next was lunch at the new American Girl store in "Boston" read Natick here. The young company was lively, and fun. The service was nothing to write home about. The girls didn't seem to mind. In my mind, we did it. We need not do it again, as the online sales are far better than what you find instore. Next was five PM Mass (my littlest one wanted to come again, so she did) with its presentation. After unsolving technical difficulties the youth presented off the cuff and did another great job. And finally a quick 80 mile roundtrip to my bro's and back to drop off for a sleepover.

Driving home, singing along to the music, I mulled over the day. It was wonderful to see the WYD pilgrims. Some I hadn't seen in months. It was great to listen to their enthusiasm and hear again what was special to them. It was great to see the little girls excited about being at the American Girl store and have a pleasant lunch. It was great weather for a night time drive. And it was great to see the bro and jewel and have a few laughs over a cup or two of coffee.

Here's hoping I have many more of one of these days.

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