Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Old Rock and Roller, and I like it

I am a rockband convert. For a year or so I heard about Guitar Hero and shook my head. Who in their right mind wants to play an air guitar, plastic or otherwise and get scored? Me. Last night I played a guitar with a drummer and a singer. fun fun fun

This morning I announced that I'll be having tea with honey to improve the vocals. After all being New Years Eve we will be in need of some entertainment. The feedback was it will take more than that to improve my scores. Still I'm willing to try -- Old Rock'n Roller in the house.

One question though -- Who is Nirvana?


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you joking on the last question!!
As the wife and mother of video game addicts, all I can say is rock on with your badself, I'm going to play "Lego Batman" after i get out of work

kris said...

Who is Nirvana?

You are kidding? Right? Quick! Someone give this woman a copy of Nevermind, STAT!

More info on Nirvana here:

PtCakes said...

I was joking... :-)

Happy New Year!