Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drop Off Pick Up

Today is a early release day, (school is out at 1 instead of 3 PM) made earlier by a doctor's appointment in Boston. I sent an email out yesterday to the little one's teacher:

My lovely will be picked up at 9:45. Yes that's right 45 minutes after the official start of school.

But the truth be told she has Chinese at 8 AM so really she will be at school 1 hour and 45 minutes before she has to make the trek with her sister and me into the big children's hospital in the city.

Yes, I know I could have arranged a playdate, so when the early release bell rings and I'm not there to get her, she would have a place to go. But today she'll get to meet her sister's doctors, see the pretty art work on the walls, and maybe if we make good time go out to lunch.


Anonymous said...

How was te date with your daughters? BTW, thanks for Sunday! Loved the company and the kids. Hope you are feeling better.

Written from my Blackberry please pardon spelling errors. Yet, they are still my own

PtCakes said...

Yesterday went fine, but as with any plans at the wonderful children's hospital in the city -- it was an all day affair. We got home in time to make dinner, and celebrate a birthday.

Thanks for asking. Looking forward to Sunday.