Monday, May 20, 2013

Boston Brain Tumor 2013 post mortem

1. Great weather - mid 60s and mostly sunny.

2. Our third ride but our first time stopping along the way to see some of the historic sights in Lexington and Concord.

3. I always wanted to stop and take a picture of the Peace Barn. We did.

4. Our time was 2 hours 45 minutes. Thirty minutes slower than the last two years. Well worth it for stopping.

5. Held up at the Lincoln railroad crossing by a train. Very cool. A first. Probably accounting for 10 minutes or more of the overall added time. Heard on the local news a black bear was sighted in Lincoln yesterday.

6. Ruby's front shifter cable stretched and stopped allowing me to shift down to the lower gears on the hills. Had to dig in and power up them. She is at the shop getting her cable adjusted. Will be good as new Tuesday. Can't wait to go on a gentle ride.

7. And the knee...a bit twingey. But nothing a good walk won't fix. What was interesting was towards the end of the ride, at traffic stops and such, it always felt better to be pedaling rather than stopped standing and waiting.

$$ As a team the Whatevros for BAS raised over $20,000 making their 5 year total $105,000 towards finding a cure and preventing brain rumors.  Thank you.

At the closing ceremony it was very inspiring to meet and listen to the stories of brain tumor survivors and of those currently in the fight for  their life.. We ride for them.


jeff noel said...

Great recap form a great day. Lots of good karma and hard cash for a cure.

Patty Hebert said...

A win win win situation.
Cure Karma Exercise oh and Friendship.

Anonymous said...

A great day for a most worthy cause - thank you!