Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Fighter. The Feast. And The Blessing.

Yesterday I learned a 10 year old cancer fighting princess, whom doctors can't help anymore, was being sent home in an ambulance from the hospital. Her six year battle seemingly coming to a close. The Internet comment exchange centered on blessings. I had written that the greatest blessings come from the most difficult of circumstances. As a parent, as a person, the death of any child is the worst of all life's circumstances.

Where is the blessing?

Last night at the vigil Mass celebrating the feast of Jesus' Ascension back to heaven the priest urged us all to party, dance, have a drink, eat ice cream. For this feast day is the culmination of all God's promises. That we too body and soul will rejoice with Him in heaven. The fighter was and still is in my constant thoughts and prayers. Will this feast offer her the most blessed of escorts home?

I went to Mass, saddened by the news and by obligation. Attending Mass is what we do, as a community joining in prayer, sharing in The Christ's sacrifice and love. I kept wondering about the gigantic blessing that was taking place. Crossing hundreds of miles, would we know it when we felt it? Would it happen all at once and then be over or last for a lifetime? Would it expand and extend across all of humanity like the ripple effect from dropping a pebble into a pond?

I don't have any of these answers. I don't understand why children die. But I do know that what ever life throws at us God never leaves our side. Never.

Be a part of the blessing.


jeff noel said...

Good morning Patty. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Bella.

Haven't heard an update in 48 hours.

The prayers for Bella of course should be generously offered for what looks like a not too distant reunion with our Heavenly Father.

And warrior prayers are offered ceaselessly for Divine Intervention.

God's will be done.

It's a test we all want to pass, but do not rush to sign up for.

Thank you again for "being there" for Bella and her Family.

Patty Hebert said...

Bella's name is entered into our prayer list.