Thursday, May 30, 2013

Careful, Parents

At the oral surgeon's office my little one was very talkative. No surprise, she is talkative. Very very talkative when nervous or when attention is to be had.

"Quiet, Shhhh. Enough" The usual parental hushed commands. Chatting Cathy... Overly so.

The procedure complete the doctor is all smiles. "All go well?" I ask. "Oh yes," she replies. But more importantly I learn my love chatted throughout the entire procedure, even while under the effects of anesthesia. "She's delightful. A keeper. What a bright personality. So unique. No one has ever done that before."

Honestly my first thought was, "Her chatting can be cute... But." I didn't say it. Only agreeing she is delightful, a love, a keeper.

Many many many times it will be best to rest those parental glasses aside and view our beautiful children as the world sees them. What a gift for parents and the lovie.

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Patty Hebert said...

For us all Jeff. For us all.
Have a Magical Day.