Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Thought To Ponder

A dear friends's wife passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.  At the wake there was a beautiful poster made by her wonderful family. Stunning photos depicting the love that they shared. But what caught my eye was the title: She's in the Hands of the Angels. Interesting.

There won't be a church service. And though my friend and I worked together at our parish, I had never met his wife. Did she not believe in God, any god? For I'm thinking, though angels are prayer filled, loving and comforting, being in God's hands would be the most comforting place of all.

Thomasine, my prayers are with you, wherever you find peace.


jeff noel said...

Prayers for peace and comfort.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she did believe in God but was not comfortable in "organized religion" ... just a thought ... and may she rest in peace.