Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why not use the good china all the time?

Blogging friend, jeff noel, asked, "Why not use the good china all the time?"

What would that say about meal time with family everyday? Why it would scream, my dear family being with you at this meal is special, everyday. It would shout, you are worth the extra effort and time to hand wash the dishes everyday,

And really, of all the people we sit with at table, family is the most precious.


jeff noel said...

Patty, am seriously considering using the "good china" for a year, to see how it impacts everything.

You make an excellent point. Who eats with us at our home?

Special people.

Praying for good things to happen June 25.

Patty Hebert said...

Let's start a campaign to use the good dishes. Now my problem is which set to use... What about using the very very best Christmas dishes in June? How unheard of. :-)

Blessings to you and yours.