Sunday, June 23, 2013

And then it clicks

A month ago I started a new job, involving terminology, concepts and techniques I had never in my life used, seen or done. The woman I was replacing told me, "It will click. You'll get this."  Heading home that first week with a constant headache, I truly wondered if she was correct. Wondered if this job was really for me.

But now a month later, and having been clicked for a while now, I see her point. It's not rocket science for the scientifically challenged. I can do it, unquestioningly, and thankfully without error; as it involves money and exact record keeping.

But what about church and faith. I watched my girls today. Typical teens, going to Mass because Mom (me) says, "It's time. Let's go." I watch them in church. Waiting for the the priest to say, "Go in the peace of the Risen Lord." And then they are gone. Out in the parking lot waiting for me to finish catching up with dear friends with whom we worship weekly.

And I wonder when will it click? When do teenagers in general, my girls in particular, see the gift that is laid before them every week, without fail. The blessings bestowed, and freely given, for them to say, "I accept."

I was a teen. I remember those days of going to church and waiting for the end. But now that I see all that happens, the end of Mass always comes too soon.  And I've been lucky to participate at World Youth Days, where there were three hour Masses with a message so strong the blessings so deep, time flies by.  And you are left wanting more. When does all this click? 

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