Saturday, June 08, 2013

"This is a lot of work."

Fridays are billing/payment days for many companies like my second job. Before the woman who trained me retired, she did the b/p for over 13 years. Unquestioning, unassisted, without a second thought by the owner. She was a miracle worker. Really she was top shelf.

I'm the new kid.... At 52. Yesterday the boss asked if he could help me. I was up against a deadline for school pick up. I accepted and asked if we could run the numbers and then stuff envelopes with invoices.

Understandably he is a bit nervous as with the change in office help he realized he had lost touch with this aspect of his business. For he didn't have to worry with his tried and true employee at the office helm. Up until 2 years ago the boss and secretary were the only employees.

The numbers proven to be correct is less than a minute. Stuffing envelopes took almost 15... With the boss concluding that doing the billing is a lot of work.

In the end all the paperwork completed except some filing left for Monday and school pick up right on time.

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