Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's half of an ice cream cake.

This is not a facebook highlight sharable moment.

Getting ready to eat dinner the recent birthday recipient asked, "Since it's my birthday cake, do I have to share it?"

Well let's assess who is home, and with whom she would be sharing. Looking around the table it was only her younger sister and myself. My response, knowing there are at least four large servings of ice cream cake left in the freezer, or at least there were after dinner last night, "Really? It's half of an ice cream cake."

Her unabashed answer, "Yes, it's my cake."

"Well darling, I cooked that dinner."

With that she stood up and left the table. Retreating to her room. Door closed.

Despite relating this heart stopping event here, I'm speechless. It's not like I was forcing the sharing down to the last frozen molecule to take place on the curbside. Handing out slices of delicious cake to passing strangers. Her younger sister and I... aren't we worth a slice... okay maybe two. It is very good after all.

Praying these selfish years leave us quickly.

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