Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm Eggs Benedict and Hot Chocolate

In the movie the Runaway Bride, Maggie Carpenter, the lady who runs, defines who she is by the man to whom she is currently betrothed. The reporter, Ike Graham, uncovers this phenomenon when he overhears her ordering breakfast with the coach, hiker, 4th husband to be. It went something like:
"I'll have a garden omelet; whites only."
"I'll have the same."

In the movie Chocolat a disk is spun and the customer's favorite form of chocolate treat is magically discerned. And the disk is never wrong. Interesting...

Which chocolate? Which eggs? These are not life or death questions, or are they? They are two basic questions. And as individuals we should know ourselves well enough to understand even these simplest of choices. And these choices should be rooted to who we are, period.

What kind of eggs to you like? What is your favorite form of chocolate?


Laura Matthews said...

I'm scrambled with cheese and See's rum raisin.

tammy H. said...

garden omelet and milk chocolate with nuts

Kris said...

Scrambled and dark.