Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sleepless Night 1

Remind me not to brag about nights well slept due to the crisp cold weather that was supposed to be pushing off the sugaring season until February 21st. (The first day I can tap due to conflicting schedules.)

Up until yesterday and a chat with my dear old dad, who will be married to my lovely mom 50 years this Saturday, I was sleeping long and loving it. But Dad had to say, (and I quote), "They predict great weather for Saturday. Actually all next week looks good; a thaw."

The words weren't completely off his lips before the alarms were ringing, "Sugaring season --- YIKES! It's early!" Usually sugaring is a no brainer for me. Each year, fall to winter, like a dog waits its master, I wait for it. And upon its arrival dance the dance of those awaiting the second coming. But with all this cold weather and a nice deep blanket of snow to keep those roots on ice, I was relaxing in the knowledge that global warming was a myth and sugaring begins in March, not early February or January for that matter. The January scare was two years ago. That year I didn't sleep all month...

No, according to those in the know at, unless this quick novena I've been professing has any impact, sugaring begins Saturday. And for the first time in five years I'm going to miss the start of the season. Oh my heart is low.

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bazphotogirl said...

Remember, this is New England, it could be -20 by the afternoon!