Monday, February 23, 2009

Ready or Not...

Here It Comes.

The it being school, car appointments, doctor appointments, food shopping, housework, life. Vacations are wonderful. Vacations where you actually go somewhere, or do something highly anticipated and loved are even better. The entire life routine is changed, relaxed. Eye exercises and that ten minutes of reading everyday are forgotten. Schedule and bedtime tossed. Diets bent around 9:30 AM ice creams, and pop corn and frozen lemonades for lunch.

Yesterday, while finishing up the pair of socks I wanted to hand over to the little one before vacation was over, I asked all the girls, "Are you ready for school? Are your bags packed?" I got the sideways yes from all of them. The sideways yes meaning, "I think I know where everything is..." Of course I was asking myself a similar question, "Do you have enough food in the house for making lunches Monday?" I gave myself the sideways yes on that too, for we are woefully low on fruit. But honestly, I didn't want to go food shopping yesterday. My only errands were to ship Girl Scout cookies to those who placed orders from far away, and to go to the bank. Then it was back to laundry, knitting, planning the next three weekend worth of events at the church, and the continued effort of picking up after our landfall.

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