Thursday, February 05, 2009

Okay, so maybe I panicked

And maybe isn't the total end all and be all... Or that novena is kicking it. And maybe I just might not miss the start of the sugaring season.

Yesterday, instead of going cross country skiing with the ladies I stayed home and started my little one's First Communion quilt. I'm not an expert quilter. All I do is cut out squares, piece them together, layer in quilting and put a backing on it. To finish it off, I use the tying method. I've made this type of quilt twice now with the girls. They each have little quilts they made over a school break. This quilt is going to be a smidgen different. For instead of going on her bed, it will hang on the wall.

Some of the material originated out of two old shirts; one her Dad's and one was mine. I arranged these squares to represent a chalice. Incorporated reds to represent the Holy Spirit, blues and greens are layered inside the cup for the waters of Baptism and the deeper blues across the bottom to give her a good solid base. The backing is a red Swiss dot that a dear friend remembered she had in her craft stash. Amazingly, it fits in quite well. Perhaps to remind us all of the importance of friends. My plan is to incorporate all the religious medals that my little one has collected over the years. She has 100's of them...

The bigger plan is to keep this a secret until her big day. Of course having the sewing machine set up in dining room and the ironing board in the living room are dead give aways that I'm working on something. I lead such an exciting life.

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Tammy H. said...

It sounds like it will be beautiful. Please make sure to post a picture of it when it is done.