Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's busy, but it's okay

On Friday I heard that there would probably be no transportation for the towns high school track stars into the big city for the big meets -- both Saturday and Sunday. I was in the grocery store... I was speechless... I had no idea how I was going to fit four 1.5 hour treks into my incredibly busy weekend: Skating lessons, First Penance, Brownies, final Christmas get together with friends, Mass, Girl Scouts making pizza entirely from scratch, Super Bowl visit. Panicked -- I knew one way or another this would be one of those weekends were it all falls together and I can't for the life of me remember why I was so worried.

And it has. A bus miraculously appeared for Saturday. The girls ran incredibly well. Everyone PR'ed. Everyone is going to States. And today, my lovely fast footed teen is carpooling with two other girls and a mom. Thank God. I sent her off with my love. Told her to relax, (it's okay if you don't qualify for Nationals), and to think "Quick feet. Quick feet."

I so proud, and I'm finding it difficult to wait for that phone call saying the run is over and she is delighted. Win or lose, she is always delighted. And I am so happy for her.

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