Friday, March 06, 2009

Beware the big head syndrome

Instead of getting the forecast off the internet this morning, I switched on the tube. It had been a longtime since I had watched the weather and didn't, at first, recognize the meteorologists that were in house. Then I said to myself, since I was home alone at the time, "Is that (name withheld)?" And it was. And my next thought was: Boy does she have a big head.

Now how does someone's head appear larger than before? Of course, we can put weight on in our faces and neck, but for the sake of argument and this quick blog entry, our adult head size stays pretty much the same.

So what makes a head look bigger or smaller? This is actually a sort of optical illusion because the orb size is judged in relation to the body it is sitting upon. This weather woman has reduced herself to being a twig, (an she is obviously pregnant), with a big head. And TV is suppose to make you look ten pounds heavier. Good thing or she would be dead.

Now her male counterpart did not appear to suffer from the same affliction. For his head seemed to be in perfect proportion to his body. Obviously he remembered, and has implemented what they taught him in his Human Proportion Art classes.

So I ask, is this beauty? And why would anyone want to appear to be all head? Ladies, believe me, this is not beauty. If your head is big and prominent, then so is your mouth.
Stop asking if you look fat.
Start asking; does my head look big? Not good.

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