Sunday, March 29, 2009

The More I Do...

The Less It Shows...

This morning my eldest showed me a comic strip with that tagline. She prefaced it with, "Look Mom, this is you."

I am exhausted. Over the past two days I have:
-- washed and put away all the winter gear
-- washed the maple sap bins (in order to pack up the winter clothes)
-- washed the kitchen floor after cutting the husband's hair
-- attended a First Communion retreat
-- cooked
-- tutored math and chemistry
-- took my eldest shopping for running shoes and a prom dress (We were successful.)
-- worked on a fifth grade MLA project
-- typed up the rough draft of said project
-- took the eldest driving
-- went to church
-- laundry
-- walked 5.5 miles
-- practiced banjo
-- cut out a dress pattern

I am exhausted and the house is a pig sty.
This much mommy job security is too much security for me.


Charity said...

"I am exhausted and the house is a pig sty."

Sounds like me, and I didn't even do half as much stuff!

Christa said...

haha me too!

Tammy H. said...

Looks like you accomplished quite a bit...but I know that feeling. Turning around and wondering where all the rest of the work came from. I swear I think that they run around behind me making more work for me.