Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

If it's Friday we're at the Oral Surgeons...
Thursday was day surgery at the local hospital...

Nothing like a busy schedule to slow life down. All the extras were tossed off this week: Knitting group, Friday folders, exercise... Instead we went from must and major to-do to the next must and major to-do. Today, while playing nurse maid to my middle one, I finished crocheting a baby hat for our Crafters for Christ group. No running around. Just asking, "Do you need anything else? Do you have a drink? Are you comfortable?" All the answers were an annoyed, "Yes." (Did you hear the whining.) After all the TV was on and the eyes were affixed. TV is the world's greatest low level pain killer. I discovered this as we don't usually have TV during the week. But I made an exception for the patient. And when the TV is on the moaning and groaning stop. So, for whom do I put the TV on for?

Little does she know after dinner she will be going over her math exam... after wards TV will resume as before.

Life is a balance.

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