Friday, March 06, 2009

Blew the tap

I really hate it when I blow a tap, i.e. crack the wood around the tap so that more sap runs down the tree rather than dripping into the bucket. ARG! It happened once before when we used the wider bore taps. I ended up pulling the tap and plugging the hole with a wine cork that I shaved down to fit. Amazingly -- it worked.

Now we use the thinner more tree friendly plumbing. I don't have anything laying around that will plug the hole... maybe silicone or wood putty. I'll have to think about it. Then once I can stop the tree bleeding out for one port I can drill another for gathering.


PtCakes said...

Resolution: I lightly hammer the tap further into the tree and the leakage seemed to stop. When I check the buckets today, we will see if it is holding.

my backyard said...

Keep on enjoying the boil!