Saturday, March 21, 2009

Felted Trivet

At our parish the Crafters For Christ are having a sale in April. So in between watching the pan and knitting socks and hats, I've been knitting for the sale. Finally, after buying wool three years ago I have attempted a felting project. Just a square trivet -- using two different skeins of yarn. On size 15 needles, I knit a square about 14 by 14, then felted it in the kitchen sink, as opposed to tossing it in the washing machine.

I've also knit up a dishcloth and next will be a pair of baby socks. I think that will do it for my time. This morning I woke up, after sleeping through the night, with plans of finishing my book. With sugaring season waning, I will have the time. I will make the time. Maybe I'll be a real writer when I grow up in seven years...

And thanks to Laura and Donna for sending me their stuff to read over and edit. It has really put me back in the writing frame of mind again. I owe you.


Tammy H. said...

You make me feel like a slacker. You are just so organized, always doing something productive!

PtCakes said...

A SLACKER???? No Tammy you are not a slacker. You are a totally cool husband nicknamed evil wife, mom of three boys, lawyer, writer, living in VT, busy. Lucky You. Have a great birthday party today.