Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We interupt this practice for a...

photo shoot.

Sometimes the amount of individual activity in this house is staggering, at least to me. Last night Science and Math homework were spread out in the dining room. The kitchen table held a fiction story web that was slowly being worked upon. Someone else was away from all this watching the tube. And in the living room there were two simultaneous practice sessions of banjo and flute -- playing different pieces. I glanced up at the flutist and had to grab a photo, more like twenty. There was something about her flair, the glasses, just whatever.

"Look here. Hold you head there. No, don't look at me, let me turn towards you. Hold still."

I wasn't able to capture the spirit that intrigued me to stop traipsing over the triplets. This shot only leans in that direction. Maybe she will let me try again today. A mom with a camera is painful at times.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, a mother with a camera can be painful to them but I call it payback. Great image!