Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lesson Learned

While bowling in a distant town, but in the closest alley, we spied a Girl Scout troop having a booth sale. And because they are from a different council, they have different cookies. Specifically the caramel chip and the berry munch. Ecstatic I grabbed a box of each claiming them for me. "I'm saving them."

For two days now I have walked by my stash, and each time I spy my prizes I think, "Saving them for what? Who?"

I have discovered the act of not sharing has reduced the cookies allure. The fun of these added flavors has vanished.

So tonight over a screaming game of Scrabble we'll bust open the seals and enjoy.

Sharing: the ultimate flavor enhancer.

Silly mommy, cookies are for kids.

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jeff noel said...

fun post, yet still a great message.