Saturday, March 02, 2013

From the woman cave

Personally I love how it sort of looks like worms. But that is me...

In my twenties I was lucky enough to enjoy Pasatelli during the holidays. Pasmesan noodles in a peppery chicken broth.  While searching for a tried and true chicken recipe, to make for family, I came across a recipe for this coveted dish and in usual kitchen witch whirling dervish style, whipped up a batch. It was good, for a first attempt. Will try again closer to the Fall holidays.

The recipe was found in the St. Jeremiah Parish (Framingham, MA)  cookbook, published in the 1990s. That parish has been closed for going on 8 years or so. It's nice to know a little of  their legacy is being carried forward, in the heart of many homes, the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

This sounds and looks yummy. Must try.

Patty Hebert said...

The cheese makes it a bit over salty so start with a bland broth. It really is good and very easy. Who knew? Not me.