Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Pained Decision

It's perfect sugaring weather, but our Shack stands cold and silent. The buckets aren't hung. The burner won't be lit. The pan not filled. There is no TAP TAP TAP of sap pinging. It's tough. It was a pained decision fraught with anxiety.

Why? For many reasons. But it was the correct decision.
With only two remaining quarts of last year's syrup, will we run out?  Probably.

Already looking forward to next year.


jeff noel said...

A blessing in disguise awaits you and your Family.

Cold be as simple as a profound yearning for next Spring.

Or something completely unrelated.


Patty Hebert said...

Already there is anticipation for the 2014 season. A big lesson on embracing a simpler life.