Thursday, March 21, 2013

High Anxiety

Isn't there a movie called High Anxiety? It's amazing the persona one can portray over the web, Calm, cool, collected, frenzied, sexy, shy, domineering, lazy, productive, proud, humble, energetic...  even anxious. You name it; you can electronically portray it with a few clicks on the keyboard. Tah-dah and the whole world sees you.

In looking over my posts I think my persona is one that is calm, fun loving, spiritual, laid back, sometimes ticked off, but over all calm.

One thing that didn't get done this spring: Maple Sugarmaking.
Truth be told, persona laid on the electronic line, as I've grown older I've grown more anxious. Who knows why? Motherhood, and my protective mother bear impersonation. Menopause, older age, and fluctuating hormone levels. Community plate too full and not enough time to see clearly to the other side. Children heading in three different directions and having to clone myself to be all places.

Regardless of the reason, my mantra: You can't do everything right this very moment, but you can do one thing. Pick one thing and do it.

So pick one thing; and do it. Then pick another. Always moving forward, even if it's a crawl.

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