Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Please, don't judge me

True exchange.
Somewhere else in the house; not in the kitchen
Child: Is chips and dip good for breakfast?
Mom: No, it's not a good breakfast.

Ten minutes later mom walks out into kitchen. Chips and dip on table.
Child walks in: Please don't judge me.
Mom's aside: At least she said please.

How easy is it for us to judge others. We see someone wealthy, skinny, driving a Mini Cooper, and of course, they must be happy. Someone fat, has to be lazy. Someone with a disability, must be a burden. Someone old, living in a subsidized housing, has absolutely no value. Someone who collects guns, must be irresponsible. Someone homeless, label them worthless.

Please don't judge, me or anyone else.


jeff noel said...

Everyone is fighting a tough battle(s).

In the measure we judge, so shall we be.

best to leave that to an expert.

Patty Hebert said...

The only expert: God