Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Your Last Haul

Dear Suburban,

Faithful and hard working till the end. Thank you for 13 great years of service and unfailing protection.

Your Mom

Gentle readers our next vehicle will be the Chevy Traverse, our Rig's distant cousin. I returned to the dealership and wearing a mantle of patience, and in a very calm discussion with the manager, agreed to go over their pricing algorithm. It was a very pleasant experience with one apology on their part for not explaining all the rebates during the initial meeting.

The outcome: Trust reestablished. Come to find out we qualified for another rebate. And tomorrow our dear Rig will be retired. There will never be another.

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Anonymous said...

A fitting tribute to the "Big Rig" ... it is curious how some vehicles take on a life of their own, actually become a member of the family. May her next life be as exciting as this one. "Suzie" wishes her the best AND welcomes the Traverse.