Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Catalyst

I had a job this fall. It was rather opened ended and it looked like it would be a the real deal ride. The boss told me in the whole hiring process that he had been looking for a place to fit me in his organization for a while. That he liked how I worked; how I got the job at hand done. But soon after I started, I had to quit. No worries. Somethings, some people are more important, and life moves us on.

But still one thing sticks with me about that time. And that is my boss described himself as a catalyst. Someone who has an idea of megabomb proportion and then runs with it. And lately with all the activities and ideas I have been involved with at the parish, I realize, I'm a catalyst too.

A crazy catalyst who doesn't sleep because the ideas gallop through my head. I have "visions" of how events should flow. Plans and ideas worked out to the very last foreseeable detail. And the worries for implementation that go along with it. Without a thought of being socially awkward, I contact people who are huge in their field, and ask them for stuff, or to reduce their fee. After all we are just a small parish in these tough economic times. The worst they will say is no. I've heard no before and survived. The best they will say is yes. I can live with that too, and move ahead with a yes.

And I wonder where all of this is going to take me. All I know is next November 21st I'm sitting down for a very long time.


Tammy H. said...

Curious, what happens November 21st? Did I miss something along the way that I should know?

PtCakes said...

On Nov. 20th (hopefully, the plan is, but the contract is not signed yet) Chris Padgett is coming to our parish for a middle school retreat. YAHOOOO!

In thinking about and planning this event, I have not been sleeping too much lately.

I will sit for a good long time after this event is over.