Monday, January 11, 2010

Wanna Be My Friend?

Yesterday the strangest thing happened. As is my usual, when presented the opportunity to photograph a track or cross country meet, I'll do it. Before I would shot a couple of hundred shots, and then copy the best hundred or so onto a disc and send it into the track coach. There would be promises to share the shots with the athletes, but with schedules and commitments, it never happened.

Now, I put the pictures, under restrictions, up on facebook. After all I am sure these athletes would like to see pictures of themselves. And it turns out they do. Even to the point of using some of the shots for their profile. I'm flattered. But then the other fb shoe dropped when a couple of these high school boys invited me to be their friend.

What could we possibility have in common? I can't imagine they are interested in chiming in on my discussions on maple sugaring, stained glass or banjo for that matter. And God forbid we should share our thoughts on religious ed. or parenting.

I mentioned my latest fame to my track star, and we both agreed that they have no idea who they are friending in fb. Imagine a fb lineup... Okay pick out the person you have asked to be a friend. No, it's not the gum chewing cute high schooler with the point and shoot in her hand. It's the older, gray haired plumper person with high water jeans wearing a hat that doubles for a tea cozy. Yes the very nonstylish person feverishly trying to figure out the best settings on her new fangled camera.

The news will be spread at practice today a la Wizard of Oz style, "Don't friend the person behind the camera. She is my mom."


MamaDee said...

that's pretty funny! I think you are sparing yourself a fright of "TMI"... More than they would be bored of maple sugaring, you'd probably be appalled at the goings-ons of a high school boy's FB chatter.

LOVE the photo of my big fat cat btw :)

Tammy H. said...

Patty, I have been holding out on FB for a long time, lamenting that I don't have time to do blogging, work, email, twitter and FB. I have been living FB vicariously through Tom who lets me know anytime anything interesting transpires. If you can do it, with everything else that you do, I guess I have to break down and throw that excuse away.

PtCakes said...

Look me up on fb :-)

my backyard said...

Very funny. Would make a nice newspaper essay.

PtCakes said...

I always loved writing newspaper essays. Maybe I'll give it a shot again.