Thursday, January 21, 2010

??? No Bounds ???

For school this month my littlest one has to keep a moon journal. In addition to checking our our lunar lover each night there are various activities she is required to do. One of them is to write a short story, or poem. She chose to write a haiku.

We sat down together, her pen poised, she asked, "What do I write?"

My answer, "Whatever you want. As long as it fits in with the moon theme, is 3 lines in length, with the syllable count of 5 - 7 -5."

She was stymied. What to write? I asked her about how the moon made her feel. I asked her if she ever thought about traveling to the moon? I told her she was in control of her poem. It was her world, her words, her universe to unfold.

As a writer, I know that writing is very liberating. I can create my own space, delve into mental closets and write out screaming. What a gift.

So I wrote a haiku on writing. It's predictable, but so what, it's mine.

My World

Ink reveals the space.
Feelings, ideas soar, mature.
Paper holds no bounds.

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