Friday, January 22, 2010

Good for the Goose... Good for the Gander

Earlier this week, Scott Brown was elected to take the late Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate. Considering he is a Republican and this state generally swings Democrat, it was a sweep. But with his new found employment came the more public revelation that Mr. Brown posed in Cosmo after being voted America's Sexiest Man. And what I have been reading and hearing on the news was, "Hey this guy still looks good." With the insinuation of Massachusetts has really lucked out. Our new Senator was and still is a looker.

Do I care? Yes and No. No, not really. So he posed nude. But what caused the hairs on my neck stand up was hearing the news coverage of his stating his daughters are available. My question is available for what?

One of Mr. Brown's daughters attends his alma mater, Boston College. As a matter of fact yesterday, Mr. Brown's first day in Washington DC saw him fly down from Boston for 10 AM meetings, to have him fly back to watch his daughter play in a BC basketball game last night.

My question is, what if his daughter entered into a contest and was voted Sexiest Woman Alive. And what if she provocatively posed for a national magazine? What would we think of her? Would it hold open political doors? Would Mr. Brown be so quick to tout his daughters' availability?

Just wondering...

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Kris said...

Him saying his daughter was available was just plain icky. Thanks but no thanks Dad...