Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting back to a sort of normalcy

This picture, taken 8 days after the earthquake is the first time Betsy's family got to see her. It is their proof of life. In this shot, taken today, she is setting up the school assignments for the students. Note the fallen wall and the security guards standing in the background.

Today, here, we dealt with an apple with a bruise, and having soup again for supper. We have a roof, a bed, blankets, food and water for drinking and bathing. We have electricity, phone, and family. Today I practiced the banjo and worked on a stained glass project. Our earth is not shaking and cracking.

It's a different world on the same planet. Are we one village?

Today a five year old was pulled out of the rubble that was once his home. The same rubble that killed his parents.

The Haitian Project. Think about it.

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