Thursday, January 28, 2010

Piece by Piece

I am cutting the final pieces to the first stage of my latest stained glass project. The final pinkie finger in size pieces that I have put off until the end. The last section to be finished and I realize that I need to put a boarder on this window so that the metal framing that goes around the window won't cover over these final pieces. Why cut, grind and place them if they will be covered over? Exactly.

Due to the tiny nature of the glass and the strain in my back this task is painstaking. So I set the achievable goal of 2 pieces a day. I can do two pieces. It will take me cut to finish 30 minutes -- tops, with a 15 minute coffee break.

But really what happens is I do three or four or five pieces. Some are new to the window, others are recuts or do overs. Pieces that sort of fit, but not really. Pieces I can do a better job with.

So by setting an achievable goal of two; I meet the achievement with four and usually a cleaner layout.

So many tasks, projects, ministries would benefit from taking a piece by piece approach.

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